Season 1: Missing Rogue


Prolog: Goddamned Interrogation

Episode 1: Sex and Hope

Episode 2: Clue in the Shadow

Episode 3: Hell Pursuit

Episode 4: Sweet Seventeen

Episode 5: Black Secret

Episode 6: Behind the Anger

Episode 7: Rampage

Episode 8: Day Off

Episode 9: Needles in a Haystack

Episode 10: Gatekeepers

Episode 10.5: Bad People for Good Cause

Episode 10.6: Operation: Antisakti

Episode 10.7: Update Please!

Episode 11: Madness on Maghreb

Episode 11.5: Little Angel Who Became Demon

Episode 12: Big Boss

Episode 12.5: Emergence of Prince

Episode 13: Bad Captain

Episode 14: Clash of Heroes


Episode Freemium: Episode separuh gratis


Episode 15: Restart The Fight

Episode 16: Instinct

Episode 16.5: Lost Purpose

Episode 17: Dark Alliance

Episode 18: Lockdown

Episode 18.5: Lunch Brawl

Episode 18.6: Broken Bones

Episode 19: (Un)Rest

Episode 20: General’s Nightmare

Episode 21: Provocateurs

Episode 22: Internal Damage

Episode 22.5: Popgun Asia – Sea’s Parade

Episode 23.1: Smile of Death

Episode 23: Trust No One

Episode 24: Prepare for the Impact

Episode 25.1: Prince’s Arc – Dried Tears

Episode 25: Fear

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